Boat Launch

Humraaz Ladies Help in Boat Launch

Humraaz staff, volunteers and residents played a huge part in launching a narrow boat in East Lancashire with community group Idle Women.
Hormuz were key partners in the project

Humraaz were key partners in the project

The launch of the narrow boat (Floating arts centre) was on international women’s Day. Idle women launched their narrow boat which will be touring the waterways of Lancashire and West Yorkshire until 2017. The project is supported by the Arts Council, connecting and initiating art by women throughout the region. The boat will host several artists in residence as it tours canal sides from Blackburn, Burnley Dewsbury and St Helens. Idle women have worked closely with the ladies at Humraaz having regular workshops with the architect on the design of the boat and interior. Idle women is a place for all women and girls to belong, to connect to make friendships.

The unveiling of the boat was by the caretakers of the project Ciz O Boyle and Rachel Anderson. They named the boat Selina Cooper after the Cornish born northern suffragette who lived in Nelson and campaigned for women’s rights as well as improvements in health care and employment conditions for working class women.


The ladies from Humraaz stepped inside Selina Cooper for the first time where they were greeted by a beautiful serene, tranquil space for women and girls.

Idle women have closely worked with Humraaz over the last couple of months, holding events and workshops and collaborating with the clients on the boat design and the interior of the boat. The workshops have been very successful and the feedback has been very positive.

At present the the boat is on the canal at Sandygate Mill, Burnley. The boat will travel around the north west. Working with women’s communities in the area and women who are thriving despite the everyday male violence they experience. The narrow boat will touch many lives and creating bigger space for women and girls.

Salma Saleh from Humraaz said,

“The sessions with Idle Women have been amazing. They have listened to the ladies and planned the sessions to their pace of learning taking small steps to make big changes. The work shops have been enjoyable and entertaining and providing the group with new opportunities, a platform to self express through creativity, giving them new experiences and enriching the lives of our clients further for independent living.”